The Beach Wave represents a new era in textural movement. It provides soft, resilient, natural waves reminiscent of how hair looks after stepping from the water at the beach. This low-ammonia, thio-free formula gently reshapes hair into beautiful waves that last for 3 months or more!

Why the Beach Wave?

The trend is undeniable, providing  long-lasting, soft, natural waves. The Beach Wave is a product solution and service designed to provide long-lasting, soft, natural waves. Our technique and formula allows you to achieve this long-lasting luxurious look quickly and easily.

How it Works

Cysteamine, a natural amino acid, gently realigns the hair’s internal bonds to give long-lasting waves. Beach Wave infuses hair with silk and keratin amino acids, strengthens, protects and adds shine.

Versatile Results

The Beach Wave can be simply dried for a more casual look, but for a more elegant look you can set the hair with hot rollers or a curling iron.

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Pravana Beach Wave