1. Salon products ARE better:

Typically, professional products are more concentrated and have a higher level of ingredients that produce true results. This allows you to use less and receive more noticeable results. Protect your investment with the best possible products!

2. Guaranteed quality and results:

Your stylist is educated and knowledgeable enough to know which shampoo, conditioner, and styling products are best suited for your hair type. We properly consult to understand your routine to make sure we recommend products that are perfect for you.

When buying products from a drug store, you are taking a guess and more likely spending money on products that will not give you the results you need. Your stylist knows their brands and guarantees you’ll love them. If not, you are always welcome to bring it back and we let us help you try something new.

3. Investment:

If you love your stylist and your salon,  you’ll be happy to hear that purchasing your home hair care products from them actually helps the salon earn education classes from the product manufactures. It is your hair care purchases that grant us the resources we need to grow and continue to improve the service experience you’ve come to enjoy.

We want your hair looking just as good at home as it did leaving the salon! Goldwell Dualsenses, Kerasilk and KMS products are formulated to benefit and enhance your new color, highlight, or perm better than any other brand. We are proud to be a Goldwell exclusive salon. 

3 Reasons to Purchase Hair Care Products From Your Stylist
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