Professional Color

One size does not fit all:

We all know that one size never fits all. We are all unique and that applies to our hair too!

Stylists use their years of education and passionate dedication to hair to custom mix color that will be perfect just for you. There are many factors that get taken into account when mixing a formula, such as texture, tone, and any pre-existing damage. Box color is made to alter a wide range of hair types and shades with ultimately no guaranteed outcome. 

There is nothing like professional application:

In order to keep your hair healthy and avoid color bleeding and spotty coverage, color must be precisely applied. It is nearly impossible to see what your stylist sees. Professional stylists have the ability to apply the color close the root to give you maximum coverage, especially grey hair.  

There is always a chance your hair will have a negative reaction to the hair color, possibly doing more harm than good. Box color does not include all of the hair protecting agents that the professionals know to mix and carefully apply to your formula.

Quality control: 

Box color typically fades much faster than professional hair color, this is especially true when going from dark to light. It is almost guaranteed to leave you with unwanted brassiness that will take multiple treatments to correct. The best option is to skip the box, and start with the professionals!

You get what you pay for: 

When it comes to hair color, unlike most things, you actually get what you pay for. If you run into undesired results, or end up with damaged hair, it is probably time to seek out a professional. The money spent on corrective color can be quite a sacrifice and many times it takes more than one visit to get your hair looking great again. 

 It’s our job, as salon professionals, to give you the look that you desire and help you maintain healthy hair. Be sure to communicate with your stylist to come up with a hair maintenance plan that is good for your hair and your wallet!

Box Color vs. Professional Salon Color