Kerasilk Reconstruct

Product Benefits:
Kerasilk Reconstruct nourishes and reconstructs stressed and damaged hair to enhance resilience for reduced hair breakage. It has lasting moisture and protection from recurring dried out hair.

Leading Ingredient: Hyaloveil 
Hylovveil originates from a premium skin care ingredient known for moisturizing and protecting. It adheres to the outside layer and helps to seal the hair surface by ionic bonding. Stressed and damaged hair is nourished and reconstructed.


Kerasilk Repower

Product Benefits:
Kerasilk Repower strengthens and bodifies fine and limp hair to enhance body and fullness. It is the perfect foundation for successful volume styling through enhanced resilience and elasticity.

Leading Ingredient: Elastin
Elastin is known to improve elasticity. It attaches to the hair and supports elasticity and texture. Fine and limp hair is strengthened and bodified.


Kerasilk Color

Product Benefits:
Kerasilk Color are sulfate free products that preserve color for maximum brilliance, vibrancy, and color depth. It protects color from premature fading through frequent washing and UV exposure.

Leading Ingredient: Tamanu Oil 
Tamanu Oil is known for its extraordinary moisturizing and caring benefits, High refractive index supports brilliant light reflection and colored hair is kept brilliant and shiny.


Kerasilk Control

Product Benefits:
Kerasilk Contol smoothes unmanageable and frizzy hair. It tames and calms overall hair structure and reduces waves.

Leading Ingredient: Glyoxylic Acid
Glyoxylic Acid shapes by penetrating into hair and creating additional bonds under the influence of heat from hot tools. Unmanageable and frizzy hair is reshaped and smoothed.