Do you want your hair to look as good as it does after you leave the hair salon and apply your hair products like a professional? Here are a few of our favorite Aquage products and how to use them to get your hair looking perfect for spring:

1. SeaExtend Shampoo & Conditioner: 

What it is: SeaExtend Shampoo & Conditioner is a luxurious collection designed to extend the life and vibrancy of haircolor while protecting the hair from thermal damage.

How to use it: Use approximately a nickel-sized amount of shampoo and a dime-sized amount of conditioner following all haircolor services to prevent fading.

2. Uplifting Foam:

What it is: Aquage Uplifting Foam is a light hold, weightless styling foam. It provides lasting style and volume without stiffness or flaking.

How to use it: Spray generously onto towel dried hair in a zigzag pattern. Spray extra product on the root area to increase the level of lift and volume away from the scalp.

Section hair and begin blow styling at the root area, lifting the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume.

3. Defining Gel: 

What it is: Curl-defining styling gel is best used for naturally curly, wavy, and permed hair. Unites hair for well-defined curls without frizz and delivers style control with maximum shine while maintaining flexibility.

How to use it: Apply quarter-sized amount in palms and emulsify in hands and between fingers before applying.

Comb through from roots to ends to achieve even product distribution.

Gently dry hair using a blow dryer until all curls are dry. To avoid creating frizz, do not touch or scrunch strands while drying.

4. Beyond Shine:

What it is: Fine-mist thermalizing, silkening and glossing spray used to smooth curly texture while giving brilliant shine.

How to use it: Spray in quick, short bursts 8 to 10 inches away from the hair until desired level of shine is achieved.

When using a flat iron work on sections no larger then 2 inches wide and ¼ in depth to maintain control.

5. Finishing Spray:

What it is: Firm hold, fast drying, fine-mist hair spray perfect for style building or locking in a final hairstyle.

How to use it: Spray in short even strokes, always directing the spray towards the ends to create maximum shine. Finishing Spray can be used for hold and control or for creating volume and lift.

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